Remote Assistance Instructions

Below you will find instructions on our remote assistance tool. It is a very small program that will download quickly on any Internet connection, even dial-up! It is self-contained and does not install anything on your PC. It's secured with 128-bit encryption and does not pose a security risk. It only communicates with our servers when YOU specifically ask it to. It does not leave an open connection that will allow us, or anyone else, to connect to your machine without your explicit permission. It is specifically designed to connect to our servers, and our servers only, at your sole request.

Step 1: Download the utility.

Click here to download the remote assistance tool.

After you click on the link above you will see a box similar to the following:

Click on the "Save" icon to get the following box:

FIrst, click on the "Desktop" icon on the left, then click the "Save" button in the lower right.

Step 2: Run the utility.

The icon for the software will now appear on your desktop. Double click the icon displayed below:

Step 3: Bypass the security warning. (optional)

Certain Windows security settings may produce the following box:

Step 4: Select the remote assistance server.

First uncheck the box on the left, this will prevent this warning for future remote assistance requests. Second, click the run button to execute the software. If you do not see this box, just continue to the next item. You will see the following box come up next:

Double click on the item in the list that we ask you too. Each item in the list points to a different workstation (or laptop) on our network.

Step 5: Unblock the utility from Windows Firewall. (optional)

Certain Windows Firewall settings may produce the following dialog box:

Click the "Unblock" button if you see this. If you do not see this box, move on to the next item.

Step 6: Final Step: Wait for "Connection Established!" message.

Once you do this you will see the following baloon pop up from the tray in the lower right corner of your screen:

After a few seconds the baloon will change to the one seen below and the "NTRA" letters in the tray icon will turn green. Once this happens we will be able to assist you remotely. If the baloon below does not appear within 5 minutes, the software will terminate and shut down. We will have to further diagnose any network problems of this occurs. The second baloon is shown here:

At this time we will assist you remotely. When we are finished we will terminate the connection. The software will automatically shutdown and you can resume normal operation of your computer. Keep the software handy for the next time. It does not install anything on your machine and it is self-contained to the one icon on your desktop. If you decide to move it somewhere else, that is okay, just be sure you can rememebr where you stored it!

Thanks for choosing Network Tactics as your solutions provider.